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Fritz Fleet is free for you.

I want Fritz Fleet to be accessible, so I do not charge anything to follow the story on the website. The stories are free, the videos are free, the audio recordings are free. I don't run ads here and I don't collect any user data for marketing. I want it to be easy and safe for you to escape the noise of the rest of the internet when you come here to catch up on my story.

That doesn't mean it's free to me.

I spend several hundred dollars a year keeping the site up, paying for art contributions, promoting and developing the Fritz Fleet project. That's not counting the hours I spend actually writing the stories, recording the readings, and editing the videos. It's a lot of work, and as a freelancer I have to prioritize paying work over passion projects.

Your contributions help me grow.

When you donate to Fritz Fleet, you let me put my favorite project first, and the result is more content for Fritz Fleet. Donations empower me to commission artists for contributions, explore special content productions, and dedicate time to writing the story. With your support, Fritz Fleet becomes richer, more elaborate, and more frequent.


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Donations of all sizes are welcome. Sometimes supporters have the means to provide a more substantial contributions. If you'd like to discuss a sponsorship, a grant, or a recurring donation, I'm happy to make such arrangements. Please contact me directly at: