July 25, 2021

To Our Friends in Space

We've received your report, Fritz Fleet.

Let me start by saying we are overjoyed to hear that you completed your exit from the solar system safely. Regardless of the navigation trouble, this is still a momentous achievement, and you should be proud. What you do from here will define the foundation of humanity's future in space.

Regarding the Andromeda mission, we understand your position. Until the Pak Thruster Array can be used reliably, venturing to Alpha Centauri is unrealistic. We still hope to visit Andromeda with your fleet or another, but we won't move forward with those plans until we better understand your situation. So, as far as the Planetary Council is concerned, we endorse your new mission statement and formally recognize the Fritz Fleet.

As you succinctly pointed out, we have no realistic means of enforcing authority over your Fleet, and honestly, we have no desire to. We do hope, however, that we can maintain a mutually beneficial partnership. We are eager to hear all about everything you encounter. Please continue your broadcasts for as long as you are able.

Our engineers have been reviewing the navigation and systems data you've transmitted. We don't have a lot of insight to offer, but we are sending you our observational data, including optics from two satellites that happened to be pointed across your travel path. Maybe there are clues in that data that will help you in your investigations.

Finally, we're developing a plan to launch a new beacon into vertical solar orbit to assist your navigation. We'll transmit further details as they become available but hope to get you a lighthouse signal shortly. At the very least, it should provide insight into the "doubled earth" phenomenon you've described.

Good luck, Fritz Fleet. We know that within your ranks are many of humanity's brightest and most capable problem solvers. While your circumstance is shrouded in questions, we can think of no better crew to be out there finding answers. Your home planet is with you in spirit and eager to know what you find.

In the spirit of exploration,

-Alvis Sandhya,

Earth-Space Planetary Council

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