July 28, 2021

The Fritz Fleet Uniform

Welcome to the Fleet

I asked the immensely talented Rylan Woodrow to envision the Fritz Fleet uniform, and they knocked it out of the park. Take a look!

There's a lot of detail tucked into the design.

  • The uniforms used to be for the Andromeda Ambassador Fleet. When the fleet changed their name, they removed the old AAF insignias. See the patches in the arms, and of course the new logo stitched in on the breast.
  • The sketch in the upper right corner shows a hidden feature of the uniforms. The collar can expand to form a quick helmet to give fleet members protection from environmental danger.
  • The puffy orange padding around the suit is a specialized polymer that stiffens in response to sudden force, giving fleet members a bit of defense in an emergency. In it's relaxed state, it is soft and comfortable.
  • The grey fabric is a flexible weave that can be tightened with an electric impulse, becoming watertight at a moment's notice.
  • The gold sun belt design is a reminder of Sol, the home sun of the fleet.

This art was commissioned from Rylan Woodrow for Fritz Fleet.

Want to see more of Rylan's amazing work, or commission some art for yourself?

Go take a look, and share your favorites to your friends!

Do you know a cool artist or creator I should approach for commissions? Let me know!

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