July 25, 2021

Interlude - Are You Lost, Jellyfish?

The savannah is no place for a jellyfish like you.

I've never seen one out here. Actually, I've never seen one before. I'd only heard about you from Shrew. I thought maybe you were just some tumbling garbage. But you're swimming, aren't you? There's no water here. But still, you swim. I have to say, it's quite peculiar.

Are you lost, Jellyfish? Nothing is chasing you, nothing is running from you. Most of those things don't live out here either. I'd point you back to where you came from if you weren't so clearly going the opposite way. Jellyfish look pretty fragile, maybe it's best I just watch from here. I hope you know where you want to go.

Oh? Off in a hurry now? I hope I didn't startle you. Look at you go! Are all you jellyfish that fast? No wonder you wanted out of your pool. Good luck, little Jellyfish. You're in a much bigger ocean now, and even an Elephant like me can't tell you what's out there. Too cold, too slippery. You'll see what I mean, soon enough.

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