About Fritz Fleet

What is Fritz Fleet?

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Fritz fleet is a storytelling project by Yamen O'Donnell. It's more than just a story I tell about space adventurers. It's a universe-sized sandbox that I invite other aspiring creators to play in. Finally, it's an intentional community. A fandom united over a shared mythos, organized to empower artists of all sorts, active in giving back to the community, and dedicated to the power of human co-operation. Yeah, it's a big dream. But it's the answer to a puzzle I've stewed over for more than two decades, and I'm finally ready to show you all the picture it makes. I can't do this alone, though. So, will you come play in space with me?

What is the story about?

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The core story follows the eponymous Fritz Fleet, a large space fleet that left Earth to explore the Andromeda Galaxy. As soon as they got far enough from the Sun to fire up their interstellar thruster array, space got strange. They wound up off course, their sensors can't agree on their position, and bizarre phenomena appear throughout the fleet. To learn more, including how Fritz Fleet got their name, the best place to start is with the first entry, To Our Friends On Earth.

Is Fritz Fleet free?

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The core story of Fritz Fleet is free. You can read the new stories as they are published here, anytime you'd like. I keep this site free of logins, third-party ads, and other pestering social features or marketing, so that it can earn a spot in your bookmarks.

However, this project is supported through Patreon. Subscribers get a bunch of cool perks, including early access to new story entries, access to the official community Discord server, guides to creating your own Fritz Fleet content, and exclusive opportunities to have your content canonized as official lore.

May I make Fritz Fleet content?

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In general, yes! The Fritz Fleet setting is intentionally built to support aspiring creators. If you want to practice telling stories in whatever way you do, through writing, music, video, art, memes, I want Fritz Fleet to be a welcoming community for you. I feel like modern fandoms are often quite limited by corporate IP ownership, so I only own the IP in order to have the authority to invite you to play with it. If you've had the pleasure to play in the SCP or Blaseball communities, you know how great it can be when a whole community gets to take part in a story, and I hope to enable that kind of passion. You do not need special permission to make and share your own Fritz Fleet fan art or fan fiction.

However, there's another level of contribution: canonization. When creators in the community make content that captures the spirit of the Fritz Fleet universe, it can be canonized and become an official part of the story. When this happens, I'll share the work (with permission, of course) here on the site and through the official Fritz Fleet channels. Any work featured like this will include full credit and profile links for the creators.

How do I get fan content canonized?

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There are three primary paths to having fan content canonized. Keep in mind that I do not canonize content without permission from the creator, if you don't want your content featured, I respect that.

The first, and most reliable way to have your content canonized is to become a subscriber through Patreon. When you do, you'll gain access to two critical resources. I write guides on how to tell Fritz Fleet stories, explaining background lore, and teaching general storytelling lessons. These will help you plan a story that fits into the broader continuity and tone. You'll also get access to the official Discord community. In addition to a community of friendly fans and creators, the Discord is where I announce Content Calls. When I need a specific type of content created, I reach out within the Discord community first to find creators.

The second way to have your content canonized is to participate in a Content Contest. These are themed requests for specific types of content. In addition to any cash or prize, the winning submission will be canonized. There will be public Content Contests featured regularly on the site here, starting in the summer of 2021.

The final way to have your content canonized is the Creators Fund. As the project grows, part of the monthly income is set aside in the Creators Fund. This fund is used to commission content from independent creators around the world. These contributions will be designed to be canonized.

What are Content Contests?

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A Content Contest is a themed request for specific types of content, usually with a prize for the winning submission. Prizes can include cash, FF-themed gear, and third-party sponsored swag. In addition, the winning submission will be canonized, featured through the official Fritz Fleet channels, and incorporated as part of the official lore. Check back often to find out about new contests.

I don't charge entry fees for Content Contests, because I want them to be accessible to all creators. Instead, most Content Contests will be paired with a community charity goal. A charity that matches the contest theme will be featured, and the community will be encouraged to donate as part of the contest promotion. In this way, I hope we'll work together to use our silly space stories as a force for good in the real world.

What is the Creators Fund?

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Every month, some of the income I earn with Fritz Fleet gets put into the Creators Fund. This fund is used to commission Fritz Fleet content from independent creators around the world. The world is full of too many amazingly talented creators, artists, crafters, and storytellers that don't get the pay or the attention they deserve, and I'd like to do my part to change that.

Do you have a creator in mind that I should consider for the Community Fund? Shoot me an email with their profile page and commission information!

Who writes Fritz Fleet?

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The creator of the Fritz Fleet universe is me, Yamen O'Donnell. I'm a storyteller, artist, tinkerer and dreamer living in Oregon. Creatively, I operate under the name Complicated Reality. Since 2018, I've been telling stories, writing poetry, and creating visual art using fractals, neural networks, and lasers.

I launched Fritz Fleet in 2021 after thinking about it for over 20 years. Ever since I was a nerdy kid tearing through my parents' extensive collection of sci-fi and fantasy novels, I've wondered what it would take to put a whole universe in your head and tell a story with it. Over the years, I've chipped away at the puzzle in bits and pieces, wondering when I'd be up to the task. At the start of 2021, a strange sensation took root in my head. A seed of a universe, desperate to bloom. I knew it was time to realize my dream, and I let Fritz Fleet unfold in my mind. Now it's my job to share it all with you.

How often is Fritz Fleet updated?

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Expect core story updates at least twice a week, with additional content filling out the schedule as the project grows. The site here updates on a schedule but subscribers on Patreon get access to new content as soon as it's ready. In general, the free content available on the site is about one month behind the content released on Patreon.

What are the content tags?

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Each entry should include a content tag to help you identify the type of content.

Core - Core story posts. These tell the story of the Fritz Fleet as they explore the Fritz, and are all written by Yamen.

Lore - Additional posts going into details about the setting and lore of Fritz Fleet. Most of these are exclusive for subscribers, but occasionally some will appear here on the site.

- Canonized content from creators in the community, and other featured community content.

- Posts about the Fritz Fleet project, including contest announcements, news about new content and features, and occasional behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into the making of Fritz Fleet.